24 thoughts on ““Heartbleed” Vulnerability may compromise your security on thousands of sites

  1. IE blocked yur site due to certificate error had to override to get to read this what gives????
    Also have been unabale do download the K 2014 as offered same problem so still using K 2013

  2. I’m generated owing to recent major surgery. Can you create a security program that can be downloaded or sent on disc that, given the specs of a user’s system, can ferret out all my passwords stored on my computer and let me change them all at once?

    • Hi Robert,

      Unfortunately, Password Manager is unable to generate mass passwords at once. Luckily, if you do change every password (which you should), the product will store them for you so you don’t need to worry about remembering all of them.

    • Hi Karen,

      It’s important to change your passwords now to avoid immediate risk. We suggest you stay tuned in to continuous coverage on this topic to determine if additional action will be needed in the future.

  3. My wife uses an older laptop that has Windows XP. Since Microsoft is no longer supporting that system is there a way to protect that and other computor going forward?

    • Hi Frank,

      Although Microsoft will no longer be supporting Windows XP, for at least the next two years Kaspersky products will be compatible with both current and future XP products, keeping you protected.

  4. Bravo! Thanks for extraordinarily clear–and readable–article.

    K Labs: Please examine & improve the steps for ease/difficulty of installing your a-v product in Macintosh computers. Last year it was impossible for success, at least for me. (Bad syntax/sentence, yes, but I’m rushing.) WE NEED YOU.

  5. Ralph from Chicago April 15, 2014 at 9:35 pm - Reply

    I tried playing with Fillipo’s test page several days ago, and only got a reply about Yahoo.com (error messages on anything else I entered). I could not tell if a 443 socket had to be entered for others. I’ll try using it again.
    Do I have to enter a complete URL for each website? Or just the name and suffix will do?
    And I have to test each blog/mailing list/message board to which I subscribed – or only the base server (Ancestry.com, Rootsweb.com, …..)?

    My tech service recommended Kaspersky (to replace several others they’d recommended over the years (NAV being the last one – previously McAfee) and I am pleased so far with your Anti-virus product.

    I’m already planning a new ‘master’ password that will be shared among my email accounts to replace the two that are currently shared with them now. (I only had one email account hijacked for 24 hours that I was able to freeze and recapture. Someone not only changed my password, but also my secondary email account (to where requests to change passwords are sent along with to the main account. I was lucky.)

  6. I bought the Kaspersky 2014 antivirus program with my credit card and would like to change my password on the Kaspersky site but I can’t find anywhere to sign in to do that.
    How do I change my password on your site?

  7. now i know why my husband was having all this trouble with yahoo sites.
    We thought it was my p.c. Thanks for keeping us up to date! : )

  8. I apologize if this is a bad question but, can this issue affect mobile devices as well? Specifically the iOS.
    Outstanding article by the way.

    Kaspersky protected since 2010


  9. When I click on the security lock on facebook and look at their certificate, it shows a date of 2/28/2014. I have changed my password. However, is there something I need to do to visit their site under a current certificate or is that something handled entirely on facebook’s end?

    • Hi LOB,

      This is something that is handled on Facebook’s end so we recommend reaching out to them directly. If you have any additional questions please let us know.

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